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Ship Logo Design A logo design with ship illustration on it. This logo give you an adventure and exploration feels. This logo is matched for outdoor company. What do you think about this design concept? Need a logo or branding stuff for grow your business?Check our Instagram, Whatssapp or send us an email to kawzi477@gmail.com 

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Ship Logo Design

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An abstract logo design. The abstract logo means trust and secure. The blue support the secure meaning. What do you think about this logo concept? Put your opinion on comment below. Need a logo? Contact us on :WhatsappInstagramor send us an email to kawzi477@gmail.com

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Flying Sidewalk Logo Design Concept

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A logo design for furniture company. What do you think about this llogo concept? Wanna graphic design to grow your business? Contact us on :WhatsappInstagramor send us an email to kawzi477@gmail.com

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Blue Sofa Logo Design

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I create this logo for my client who sell soto Indonesian traditional food. my client want her logo look simple, easy to readand she want to add bamboo leaves.

ryan fajar

Logo for Indonesian Traditional food

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Simple but doesn't leave a glitzy impression in the logo, the cool colors are easy to remember. Immune Shield is a description of drugs to increase body immunity. The application can be applied to chemical and herbal medicine.  www.saestudio.net 

cak hari

Immune Shield Logo

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I create this logo for fun, try to redesign my entry in logo contestthe concept about seafood (clamp, baby octopus, and squid) in noodlewith japanese style 

ryan fajar

Logo for seafood noodle stand

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A simple logo? It's not actually a simple logo btw. Need some calculation to make it looks good. This is just an example for simple logo design for you. Need a logo design or branding stuff? Contact us on :InstagramWhatsappor send us an email to kawzi477@gmail.com

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Bird Logo Design

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Hi Guys ,This is logo concept for My Portfolio. give me fedback about my design. Thank You :)

Abdul Syukur


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Konsep logo brand saya

Rofiq Nur Hidayah

Logo Rofiq Design

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A logo design concept with a girl line art illustration on it. The girl means beauty with a leaf hat means a natural beauty. This logo concept is matched with beauty or skin clinic. Like this logo concept? What do you think about this? Wanna a logo for your business? Contact us on :Instagram : @kawzidesignWhatsapp : +6282251471971Email         : kawzi477@gmail.com

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Beauty Clinic Logo

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A vintage logo with a small farm on the top and cabbage leaf on the side. What do you think about this logo concept?

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Dapet orderan dari teman saya, awalnya ragu karena ga pernah buat logo sama sekali, apalagi logo esport.. yah aku coba aja, karna prinsip ku untuk berkarya adalah, “Buat aja dulu, klo salah bisa di edit lagi”.

Ahlan Aprialdi

Hank Esport Logo

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The letter s logo with a touch of golden reflection, membuat kesan elegan pada logo ini!. 

Ahlan Aprialdi

Sawi Logo Design

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Deer Logo Design An authentic deer logo design for your outdoor activity. This logo give you masculine sense and natural....Need a design?Email : kawzi477@gmail.comWhatsapp : +6282251471971Instagram : @kawzidesign 

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Deer Logo Design

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A logo gaming team. Neko means cat in Japanese so I created a cat illustration combined with stick or controlling stick. What do you think about this concept? Need a design?InstagramWhatsappkawzi477@gmail.com

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Neko Gaming Logo

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new concept neusant logo

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Freezy Barbershop Logo DesignWhat do you think about this concept? Tell us on comment below!Thanks for your like, share, comment...Need a design?Email : kawzi477@gmail.comWhatsapp : +6282251471971Instagram : @kawzidesign

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Freezy Logo Design

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This logo was inspired by trophy and cow. What do you think about this project?  Contact us to make an awesome logo for ur business on :WhatsappInstagramor send us an email to :kawzi477@gmail.com

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Champ Beef Logo

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This Logo created for UMKM who sell modern and modified seblak with their secret recipe. They want to use this logo for their Frozen Seblak. I tried to make people who buy this product know my client sell unique seblak.  

ryan fajar

Suki.Joe Frozen Food

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I create this logo for my client He start new business for his hidroponic farmThe concept he want :Add something relate with hidroponic plant and have green colour

ryan fajar

Logo for Hidroponic vegetable juice

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I create this logo, inspired by Indonesian tiger, and Indonesian martial artsthis logo represent, modified pencak silat, for entertaiment, and profesional fight

ryan fajar

Logo for modern matrial arts

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I create this logo for became partner of another logo creatorhe just gave me a reference and want me to follow his styleso i take initial name of studio and combine it with pixel style 

ryan fajar

Logo For Small Studio

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ryan fajar

Logo for family business selling riceca…

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Burung hantu - logo

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I create this logo for participating logo contestowner want combine sequoia (tree) to the text

ryan fajar

Logo for construction business

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I created this logo for my idea to sell everything about coffeBlawan is village name, that village high quality coffee in my citythat village near ijen mountain, Bondowoso

ryan fajar

Logo coffee business

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Exel Ferdinand


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