ryan fajar

Logo and Digital Designer

Hello, my name is Ryan Fajar Kurnianto
I am fulltime freelancer who focus create logo and digital design.

I am available everyday. if you need my help or open discussion, dont worry to message me

Thank you so much


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Just exercise in weekend 
This logo for Family Business who sell premium chicken meat, because of pandemic business try to innovate marketing and selling.
This logo for my client who run business clothes convectionhe want simple logo, clean, modern, but represent his businesshe want to print this logo as sticker too
This logo created for Beach lover who try to clean trash in beachthey want to keep beach clean and clear blue
I create this logo for fun, try to redesign my entry in logo contestthe concept about seafood (clamp, baby octopus, and squid) in noodlewith japanese style 
I create this logo for my client He start new business for his hidroponic farmThe concept he want :Add something relate with hidroponic plant and have green colour
I create this logo, inspired by Indonesian tiger, and Indonesian martial artsthis logo represent, modified pencak silat, for entertaiment, and profesional fight
I create this logo for participating logo contestowner want combine sequoia (tree) to the text
I created this logo for my idea to sell everything about coffeBlawan is village name, that village high quality coffee in my citythat village near ijen mountain, Bondowoso
I create this design for my client, he sell martabak in Cikaranghe want me to create i catchy design with
I create this logo for my client who sell soto Indonesian traditional food. my client want her logo look simple, easy to readand she want to add bamboo leaves.
I create this logo for became partner of another logo creatorhe just gave me a reference and want me to follow his styleso i take initial name of studio and combine it with pixel style 
This Logo created for UMKM who sell modern and modified seblak with their secret recipe. They want to use this logo for their Frozen Seblak. I tried to make people who buy this product know my client sell unique seblak.